Fix Corp is an expert in managing retail business processes.

Data Management

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Multiple data sources for organisations ( eg sales data) can be hampered by a lack of visibility on total sales, market share and growth. Often the information is not user friendly, which leads to rework and missed business opportunities. Food Service, Petrol & Convenience and Liquor are examples of industries facing the challenges of supply chain management.


What We Do

After building an understanding of the specific needs of your business, Fix Corp collates the relevant information to give a holistic picture in a readable format. The final output consists of clear and precise data that you can rely on to support strategic business decisions.


Your data is presented with customised summaries, in a format consistent with your goals.

Data Management services currently valued by our clients

Rebate Collation and Processing

Customer Database Management

Price File Management


Program Co-ordination

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Successful business process management requires expert co-ordination of multiple external and internal parties in a timely manner. Often processes are not optimised because stakeholders manage multiple tasks and have conflicting objectives. This puts pressure on timelines, burdening your business with additional costs. Fix Corp has witnessed business process management issues in a number of industries, notably Petrol & Convenience and Food Service.


What We Do

We form a clear understanding of your business, stakeholder and timeline requirements. Creating a collaborative workflow, we ensure your timelines are met and drive the process to completion. Examples include management of campaigns and promotions, which may occur on a regular basis.


Your outcomes are achieved within the desired timelines, and continual improvement is built into the process. We ensure the process is clear to all stakeholders throughout the program.

Program Co-ordination services currently valued by our clients

Promotions Co-ordination

Marketing Co-ordination

Category Support

Retail Operations

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Successful retail operations require effective space management and merchandising. Measuring compliance is also essential through store checks. Ineffective retail operations can result in loss of sales and market share, and failure to meet the needs of customers.

Fix Corp manages a number of vital retail operational functions for your business to achieve your goals.


What We Do

We work within your business parameters to value add measurable programs and reporting functions. Compliance checks are used to ensure optimum ranging at store level and consistent participation in promotional programs.


Fix Corp engages your retail network and provides results in a format most useful to your business with highlighted key learnings.

Retail Operations services currently valued by our clients

Compliance Checks

Space Planning



Customer Service

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Effective communication is vital to businesses both internally and externally, and for a business to succeed, a customer centric approach is necessary.

What We Do

Fix Corp specialises in providing customer service support, ensuring 24hr responses in a professional manner, with the added benefit of being based in Australia. Currently Fix Corp manages multiple mailboxes and helplines for approximately 1000 retail sites.


Fix Corp can provide customer service solutions to meet your business needs, ensuring timely communication flow.

Process Improvement

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Businesses are not static and neither are the processes within them. At Fix Corp we work with you to identify, analyse and improve your existing processes to achieve your goals through effective business process solutions.

What We Do

We challenge your current business practices by mapping existing processes to identify pain points and inefficiencies. Applying creative business process solutions, we eliminate bottlenecks, optimise processes and produce roadmaps to achieve your desired outcomes.


Fix Corp creates cost and time savings in your business. The associated changes will make your business more effective, and buy-in with your team will ensure collaboration to reach your desired goals more efficiently.